Garrett Martin is the owner and founder of VentureLife Films. VentureLife Films is a video production company that creates various forms of media in order to encourage the exploration of the globe and to help promote a more healthy and connected world. The company currently focuses on adventure/travel documentaries, environmental media content and work for non-profits. 

Garrett found his passion for travel and filmmaking on a road trip across the U.S. after visiting nearly all of the popular National Parks. After his trip, he caught wind of the "travel bug" and has not stopped traveling since. His love of the outdoors constantly takes him to unique places around the world, as he looks to go beyond his comfort zone to encourage people to do the same. His mission lies in telling creative stories to motivate people to explore the world through travel and to inspire a better care for the natural world.

Garrett is currently finishing up a feature-film, "Unbounded", and renovating a van to live and work out of across the country, while focusing on creating content for environmentally driven organizations. If you have a company, non-profit or project that has a focus on sustainability and are looking for engaging content, feel free to reach out through the contact page.